A True Idol


A wonderful example of not only a strong, successful young woman, but someone who truly understands the insanity that is situated around image in Hollywood.

I speak from experience when I say how hard it is to maintain that so-called “perfect” body. It’s a full-time job, worry and addiction. If you eat one thing that isn’t on your “safe” list your life is totally turned upside down. You become stuck in this routine of specific foods, beverages, exercise routines, etc. One step away from these routines= total disaster.

I like Jennifer Lawrence. She is wise beyond her years. Thank GOD we have up and coming celebrities who think the way she does. Her focus is on her art. Her career. Not whether or not she fits in to the stereotypical Hollywood body frame. Kudos to her for breaking the mode.

Trust me, I would much rather spend my life enjoying food, friends, social scenes and life in general then be scrutinizing every calorie and wondering whether or not my jeans are going to feel tighter later on.

” Confidence will make you happier than any diet ever will, so embrace your body “

Cheers to you all!

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