# 1 Weekly Victory

One of the first steps in beginning to love yourself unconditionally is to focus on the things you already like about yourself. I know this isn’t easy for those of you, (myself included), who are struggling with seeing any light, but we are all absolutely amazing individuals with so much to be grateful for.

I was asked to make a list once about all the things I liked about my body. I laughed at the person who asked me to do this because at the time my answer was NOTHING!!!! But she insisted I go home, take a piece of paper, and start from head to toe pointing out the good in me. Desperate to change the way I saw myself, I did just this.

The value I received from doing this was incredible!!!!

So I ask you to do the same thing. Go home, get a piece of  paper and a pen, sit down, and scan yourself from head to toe. Write down all the things you like about your body JUST AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

See how you feel 🙂

Sending you love and light!

MacKenzie Lehner


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