Some Verrrrrry Interesting Opinions For You!!!!

I am forever asking people what their opinions are on body image and how they perceive themselves and others. I run a massage therapy/wellness clinic in Saskatoon and I value my clients for their business, dedication, and helpful opinions on my research topics. I also love picking the brains of my friends who so graciously put up with my inquisitive mind. : ) Over the last two weeks I decided to do ask the following question to basically anyone I came into contact with:

“What do you find to be the most attractive body type of the opposite sex?”

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Men on women:

” It varies a bit for what I like but in general I am more attracted to the hourglass shape. I like a girl that is definitely not skinny but not too muscular at the same time.”

” A female who is curvaceous within reason, who shows care for her body, and has obviously not tried to starve herself to achieve some silly, unrealistic body shape”

” I definitely go for the more curvy type. Any sort of extreme thinness is not attractive to me at all”

” The perfect hourglass shape gets me every time!”

” I love when a woman looks athletic and strong”

” I’ve always loved the athletic type. But also a girl who shows confidence with good posture and a true knowledge of who is she really gets me good!”

Women on men:

” The most attractive male body type to me is toned and strong but not bulky at all. Normal looking and healthy”

” I am attracted to a guy who has an incredible personality and makes me laugh. In terms of body type or look, I like someone who looks after themselves in a healthy way and doesn’t go to extremes to make themselves look like and become something they are not”

” I like tall men who are active but don’t take the whole gym thing to extremes”

” Tall, dark, more toned than muscular”

Ok so an hourglass figure for women, and a strong body for men appears to be, at least according to the people I know, the most desirable figures of the opposite sex.

My opinion………………………


Give me a guy with an incredible personality, a great sense of humour, and the ability to make me weak in the knees and I am SOLD!!!!!!!

I am happy to hear that the guys I questioned preferred a more curvy body to a stick figure, and I am not shocked to find out that most girls do prefer tall/athletic guys, but the one thing that every single person I asked mentioned before they began discussing looks was:

An incredible personality is really what matters in the end

Confidence is key. Appreciate your body for what it is right at this very moment. Never speak to it in a way you wouldn’t want someone else to. When you show your body love, it will love you right back!


Have a great night!

MacKenzie Lehner

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